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  The Recovery Roller is a self massage device for use after strenuous exercise.  
Recovery Roller

In the past couple years I have placed a greater importance on recovery after mountain bike and road rides. There seems to be an increasing amount of information on the topic of recovery. I have read several articles and a book promoting self-massage as a means to expedite recovery from exercise.

To facilitate self-massage I constructed a “massage roller” and used it myself for about a year. I found using the roller helped me with recovery. Rolling out my legs after a hard club ride let me sleep better and reduced the occurrence of twitchy or aching legs at night. Using the roller helped my legs come around and feel fresher sooner. Not to mention, using the roller on fatigued muscles just feels good.

My first roller had some short comings in design and function, so I decided to build an improved version. I ended up building a dozen rollers and had some people test them. The results were very positive:

“Oh wow, this feels really good.”
“ This thing is sturdy!”
“ The rollers turn smoothly.”
“ Nice grips.”
“ Where can I buy one?”
“ Do you have a web site?”

Well, here it is... the Recovery Roller web site with online ordering. Have a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions.

- Aaron




This product is for use by healthy, active individuals.

Contact your health care provider before using this device. No medical or safety claims accompany this device.
Use the Recovery Roller at your own risk.

©2011 A. Holmes